Rocky Mountain Enviroment


Terrain Shader Setup

This is an artwork that was partially inspired by one that I had seen on the World Creator 2 gallery.
The basic shape of the terrain was made in WC2 but the detailed erosion was done in Gaea Pro.
WC2 was also used to create the heatmaps (distribution) for the trees and some of the texturing.
The whole scene was done in Blender 2.83 using the heatmaps for the trees to create a forest made of custom Speedtree trees and Botaniq (blender addon) bushes and for texturing.
Also used some custome nodes from another addon called Aolia Terrain Nodes to mix terrain materials and textures.
Got the lighting the way it is by using a sun light and a hdri but making the hdri not affect the diffuse, and glossy aspects of meshes so it still appeared in the render but only the sun light affected the scene.
Iā€™m proud of this scene, it turned out quite well.