Rocky Mountains

Something I was working on today just for fun and experimentation.

Made with Blender 2.66RC
Rendered with Cycles
Post & Color Correction with Blender’s Compositor and GIMP

Render took a little over 3 hours at 200 samples
My computer sucks lol, but I really liked the result.

I do think it looks a little bit too dark though… idk, you guys tell me. Suggestions are always more than welcome!

I think it’s a bit too dark also, but overall I like it. If you need suggestions, i would suggest to play more with a sky and you could also put something in the mountains to make it more interesting, small house, castle or just a small bright reflection of hidden treasures :slight_smile:

The idea of putting houses did cross my mind. I might consider re-working it in the future. I think I will work on the lighting though to make it a bit more bright, but I will do that in GIMP

Thanks for your feedback darkem​! :smiley: