Rocky trickle
The third use for slope detecting materials, moss on rocks.

Clouds made using same method as other pics with clouds in them.

Also, I had some problems with sky showing through around the grass blades at the top, I tried to minimize it as much as I could and not too obvious now.

EDIT: Well this is just great, apparently the fact I chose .jpg seemed to have noisified the pic. and made it less nice. I’ll re-render it in .png and see it if looks any better.
EDIT2: Replaced it with the .png and used a different anti-aliasing filter on it as well, because of the size it would be too big for imageshack, but mudpuddle keeps the quality of .png’s pretty well.

I like it :smiley:

the only thing that bugs me is he grass… but i like this a lot… nice and stylized :smiley:

The grass was messed up to an extent by the .jpg quality, I’ll have a .png image rendering tonight and put it up tomorrow.

And I found pushing key in the render settings solves my sky showing through problem.

The .png image will be up tomorrow.

It could certainly use some more refinement in the rocks and grass, but I must say that the little waterfall in the background is damned sexy. Nicely done!

It’s pretty neat, not really having critical brains right now.

Awesome job CD. Looks sweet all around.

Look better on the thumbnail, as the ig picture shows the lack of detail on the moss, which kills the picture, as everything else is more defined than the moss.

The color of the moss looks too uniform and the moss defietly needs some bumpmapping. Just google moss/stone and you see what I mean.

Again, CD, you could take your works to WIP forums. This has the same unfinished feel to it as most of your other stuff as well.

The moss does have bumpmapping, it’s only slight and is seen in only a few areas.
Anyway, thanks for the replies so far.

EDIT: well I tried the increase bump, it was more visible in other areas but in some other places it was just too much (too noisy)

Very good! I can see by the render that you put much thought and effort into this!!!

My only crit is that the grass looks too symmetrical. Use density and velocity vertex groups to weight paint the amount and height of each area of the grass. I think this will help make the scene look even better.

Good job.

It would be easier and more efficient if the particles can use a texture for height and amount, you’d not have the limit of face count that way. I can easily do vertex groups, but I think it looks okay.

noone said it looks bad… i agree that the particle system is annoying… try randomizing it slightly… maby that will make it look a little better?

i really like this and all of your work… keep it up :smiley:

With Jahka particles giving variation to the grass would be a snap, just use the grooming tools.

Here is a good photo for reference:

As you can see the grass on the left of the photo appears to be less dense and shorter whereas the grass in the middle is very dense and tall. This could also be due to the color of the “strands” of grass.

Either way you do it doing this would really add a nice “natural” feel to your scene as things in nature are quite random. What you do is up to you. I don’t know if this is possible (could someone tell me how?) maybe vary the color of the grass particles somewhat. In some areas they will be green while in others they might be a lighter green or even yellow.

Also, the cliff looks a little bland. As of now it looks like sand or maybe foam as it appears to be homogeneous soil. Perhaps throw some rocks of various sizes, shapes and colors in there to really make it pop!

Finally, another comment on the moss. You indicated that increasing the bump map made the moss look shoddy. Perhaps try adding some meshes atop those rocks instead? Then apply some sort of texture,

You do appear to have a strength for outdoor scenes CD! Keep it up.

Grass looks a bit too uh… mechanical, similar, uniform, IDK. Apart from that, great work. I really like this one!

oh, and i feel like the water should be reflecting the sky just a bit more, it’s kind of hard to see.

Its meh. Could be better. Maybe post your next project in the wip forum, get some alt perspictives etc

try to render it with shadows, could look much better then

Hey CD, is that the final name of this piece? Based on the thread title, I thought maybe it had something to do with Sylvester Stallone taking a leak. :confused::smiley:

Anyway, it’s off to a nice start. But I think this one could be really good, if you follow through on some of the suggestions offered, along with your own ideas for improvement.

You know you could’ve just put a big “just kidding” by the rating when it was still at 3.

I had 3 stars, but unfortunately it was only a tease, down .69 from the beginning and I have the lowest rating on the current page like usual.

I only had a few works with a rating above 3 and I’ve never gotton a permanently sustained 4 star rating.

I know ratings don’t mean anything but what bugs me is that this is one of the biggest rating drops I’ve ever had.

Stop worrying about all that ratings crap!

Put a lot more time & effort into your art!

Stop going for quantity over quality!

Enjoy the process and accept others views!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Fine, I won’t worry, apparently it’s not the general opinion of the posters anyway.

The apparent lack of shadows is due to the position of the sunlamp, I wanted as much in direct light as possible. If you look near the top you see some shadow from the clouds.