Rodrigo Demoreel


My name is Rodrigo.
I am brazilian.
My english is very bad,sorry.
In January of 2007 i start blender.

This is my first demoreel.

Hey not bad!
I liked the robot blowtorch arm, but watch where your camera is pointing! It was waving all over the place at some points.

Keep up the good work though!

haha, muito bom Rodrigo! Não sabia que você passa aqui.

Some of your work is AMAZING.

The reel doesn’t really show that off though.
You always should put the best stuff in the beginning of you reel,
and there’s alot of stuff in your reel, that simply is not good enough to be in it.
Especially the particles thing and the fluid thing are just not nearly as good as the rest.

Also you title thing (in the beginning where you wrote your name), could be
alot better. Do something fun with the title, and get people interested from the beginning.

You’ve got really good work, just a bad demo reel.