rogper contribution for Project Topsecret

Since February that I’ve been a member of the first online community developed video-game ever

The Project Topsecret from Acclaim.

During 6 months (in and out… Man! There been already 6 months O_O) I’ve modeled and Texture, for the devhat team, 2 characters (a mount and a rider) during my free time.

IMPORTANT (to keep in mind :P): All the models in the next images are rendered shadeless. The shading you see is painted directly in the texture. Click in the images for the HighRes version.
Modeled and textured by Rogério Perdiz
Original character design by Project Topsecret artist ryorev13
4500 Polygons; 1 image texture with 1024*1024 pixels

P.S. “by Project Topsecret artist” it’s a temp name, as soon I find the names of the artists that made the conceptual drawings I’ll replace it.

mjuricek77 posted here at Blender Artist the news of an online community game being created. At the time I had just finished Orion Tear and was waiting for the Lisbon cinema festival results, so I thought “What the heck, let’s see what is this all about."
In the same day that I’ve introduce myself, the producer of the devhat team, known there as sookie (you can read an interview he gave here), shown me an awesome conceptual drawing of a character… I loved it! …So, after prove that I could do low poly work :evilgrin:, I jumped to it right away. After that I, more or less, quit and rejoin the team several times until all this was eventually done :slight_smile:
Modeled and textured by Rogério Perdiz
Original character design by Project Topsecret artist Espritu
2500 Polygons; 1 image texture with 1024*1024 pixels

The process:
I really never had made low poly work before, but I didn’t think it would matter; after all I like to say that “if one can model something it can model anything”.
Well it’s true, but I still had some problems hehe

First thing I’ve learned is that faces aren’t the same as polygons. Faces can have 4 or 3 sides wile polys have always 3 sides… This came up when I show them a head with almost the max poly count I could use (2500), wile saying something like: “It’s good isn’t it! And it only as this Few polys!”… Of course I was counting faces.

For videogames it seems that it’s preferable to model in triangles instead of quads, because the game engines only work in triangles (quads are converted to 2 triangles), which can be complicated. The Rider I made him using mostly quads, but for the Mount I’ve tried to model it using a combination of triangles and quads. I guess I was more or less successful.

One complicated thing to do was the textures, more exactly the seams, because all the shading in the models is painted, so it was extremely difficult to have the exact same color in the end of each seam. The 3d Paint tool of blender helped allot, but it still works a little bit clunky and more undo levels would be great. I had to go in and out Blender and Gimp, like paint in Gimp, retouch in Blender, retouch in Gimp, paint more in Gimp, retouch in Blender… countless times until it looked more or less ok. Also problematic was the fact I was used to work in 4k textures or multi textures and here the max is 1k, so I really had to count the brush strokes :slight_smile:
Modeled and textured by Rogério Perdiz
Original character design by Project Topsecret artist Espritu
Cloth design by Rogério Perdiz
Trunks, 1 image with 512512 pixels; shoes, 1 image with 512512 pixels; Jacket, 1 image with 1024*1024 pixels

The Inkscape:
One application that this time I gave intensive use was the Inkscape.
In Orion Tear I’ve used it mostly for the menus that show up at the beginning and in the end credits, but here all the textures beauty pass were created in Inkscape and then imported to Gimp to give them shading, bumps and basely look “real”.
Every thing you see in the textures was vector drawn in Inkscape, every stitch in the shoes, trunks… the pockets, buttons, the metal stuff in the Riders body, the Mount eyes, etc. All the textures where created from nothing in it. Take a look at the back pocket Zip in the black trunks ^^ it’s drawn… the side pocket it’s drawn ^^ hehe you get the point it’s all drawn.
Modeled and textured by Rogério Perdiz
Original character and cloth design by Project Topsecret artists Espritu, ryorev13 and Asurael
Hood, 1 image with 512512pixels; suit, 1 image with 10241024 pixels

Like always I’ve learned allot in the way and, after all, learning is my paycheck :wink:
Thanks allot to sookie, the best and more dedicated producer I’ve worked for, for quickly clarifying my doubts.
Sorry my English and hope that you guys enjoy the game ^^
If you have questions (about my work, for info about the project it’s better you take a look to the project home page), I’ll be around ^
Ja né.


Edit: sookie still has allot of tasks to be done, so if you’re interested in enter to the videogames history books, he can use your help :slight_smile:
Edit: Xmas 2010: And finally here are the models:

Nice work! not top secret anymore :confused:


Thanks Opel-GT!
Topsecret hehe this project is being made by more then 60’000 persons worldwide… ironic :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that’s a lot of people working on it.
The creature in the first image looks sort of like a pokemon.

I always thought he kinda looks Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Some making of screenshots

Some textures :stuck_out_tongue:

wow so is this gunna be a game?

Yes it will, some more months and you will be able to race with this characters :wink:

Great news for all the ones that like to paint faces :stuck_out_tongue:
sookie, the Devhat team producer has uploaded the Nibi Head to everyone give a shot painting the face.

There’s nothing to it, here you can download the files:

Then you open the head texture in a image editor (like Gimp, photoshop, etc) creat a transparent layer above and paint to your content. Save the image and see the results right away pressing the .exe
The best paintings will be available to select in the game :slight_smile:
Good luck everyone :wink:

hey rogper hi again, can i ask you something? how did u texture the clothing, skin, everything? UV mapping? and how can i do that? hmmm just askin’. thanks so much bro.

you’re really an inspiration!

Great news…and good news

Just to nitpick: you had no reason to strive for more triangles in the modeling phase than you needed. If the engine you’ll be using isn’t really old, it should convert your mesh into triangles automatically so a model made in quads mostly would probably get better shading and shadow interaction than one with triangles assigned by hand. To my experience, triangles with game characters are most useful for creating deformation allowing model structures and saving polies by merging vertices or making some complex shapes like balls and cylinders. Other than that, there’s really no reason to strive to use more triangles than you need because of the automatic triangle conversion inside engines.

Your stuff looks good, I like the unified style. You could’ve mirrored some UVs though to save space (the eyes on the first character are at least identical - you could’ve overlaid the UVs for both of them). Also I think some of your texturing is a bit too smudgy: it could use some harder shapes to push the texture forms.

Other than that, good job, keep going at it. :yes:

Edit: Also, it would be better to model your characters into a relaxed pose instead of that T-pose since the muscles shoudln’t be tense in the main pose. This doesn’t matter that much on your characters though since they don’t have that much muscle structure.

And now that I took a look of the texture sheets, at least melanciae.jpg and hoodpaint.jpg could’ve used a lot of mirroring since there are identical areas of texture that have been painted twice.

Hi blahblahken, all the texturing is UVmapping. First I did the unwraping of the model and them based on it I made the textures using Inkscape and Gimp.

For learning to unwrap here it is the tuturial I followed long time ago (some things are diferent now, but I think is still the best):

Here’s some makingof footage of the trunks :wink:

Thanks :wink:

Hi, you’re quite right regarding the mirror parts:o, I shoud had made only half in most of them because they do are identical… but the guys there never complaind about that… I think it’s because they can reareng it to their needs and this way if they want, they can, for exemple: put a patern in only one arm or having one eye red and the other green (that happens :P). The thumb rull was: “if no one complains then there’s no need to change it” :wink: …I’m still learning hehe :o

Blender when export to .obj also can triangulate the mesh, what hapened was that it didn’t always triangulate it in the disired way, kind of something like this: instead of having the edge like this " / " it would apear like this " \ " :slight_smile: which could become a problem. The organic parts I made in Quads, but the hair of the mount and the rider I made it all in Tris to ensure the right direction of all the edges.

About the smudgeness of the textures, I kind (perhaps because lack of skill :P) had to made them like that, because the textures are quit small, so that way it kind of seems to work better.

Thanks allot for your comments, next time, in my future projects, I’ll pay close atention to the mirror UV parts :wink:

That’s the Dave Perry project is’nt it? Read about it ages ago in some high profile video game mag. Total respect to you for getting involved!
I like the canine/horse thing, It looks great. It going to look even better once it’s published! I remember seeing some of the pre production worked in the same article. You picked a real good time to get involved :smiley:
Is there a tentative release date for the game?

Thanks! Hope that you like to play it as much I liked to made this litle bit of it :wink:

Yes it is :yes: Dave Perry it’s the director, but I never “met” him :frowning:

I’m not sure how things are developing nowdays, but they were planing to release a beta sometime soon, but it’s not for public. I think they need to show something playable until December 2008 but it’s better hask for info in the project forum.

rogper you are too much!
Say what`s next for a master like you? :confused:

Hi fahassani! Thanks :wink:
I don’t know about the master thing :o (I don’t consider my self a master, I’ve so much to learn.)
…I’m getting courage to make another short animation… there’s a litle thing that I wan’t to try. When I made Orion TEAR I was more concerned with questions like:
“How the hell I’m going to model this”; “how many textures!?”; “how will I ever be able to rig this character”; “how will I animate a fight scene”; “5months rendering!!!” :smiley:
Now, hopefully, I already put some of that behind and I can now concentrate my self in actualy making a good short.
… but first of all I need to finish the Opel GT:wink:

Sadly, Acclaim project Topsecret was officially canceled on day 22 September 2009.
This was my wip work for 2009:
Model has close of 3000 triangles
4 textures (head, body, hair, branch) and all together have 1024*1024 pixels
Modeled and textured by Rogério Perdiz
Original design by topsecret artist Espiritu[](

crazy looking cartoon characters