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The purpose of this thread is to record the entire development of my new project that will be graphically entirely developed with blender, as usual. I’m aiming to present it on a brand new way of watching a story. Flame of Robots main purpose is to be a proof of concept. In the worst case scenario will be just another short animation. Development will be slow and comments are encouraged.

For now I present the first sketch ( please see it as a rough presentation of an idea and not some drawing skills statement )

Got any detail of the type of story this will be involved in? The ‘bunny ears’ seem a little out of place since the rest of the elements seem to imply a “tough” feel.

This small piece is intended to be a love story :slight_smile: “Flame” is a synonymous of love, but the character belongs to a much bigger (as in huge) story/world in which he was originally designed as a personal guardian for a little girl that is the daughter of the guy that rules the place, thus the “bunny ears” thing. The design instructions were to make it a tough bad ass protecting machine that look appealing (or at least not intimidating) to a little girl.

Flame is also a int to the way I’ll show “love” visually on this small piece.

During next week I’ll sketch the female robot.

And here she is, the third and last character for this project

can we see the other character?

The third and last character is HAUTE :smiley:

Finally I’ve gave some color to Lin and Meg :slight_smile:

This thing will have 2 humans, 2 robots and the flying thing on previous image.
Starting by female human, her name is Illumina:

Judging from the Opel Gl, this is going to be quite amazing, concepts already look awesome!

…and slow development too :evilgrin: might as well call it “Opel GT the return (and this time it won’t be a car but robots)”
Thanks DDD! I’m glad you’re already enjoying it :yes:

By the way this one is open to volunteers.
Some tasks I don’t open hand, like the main characters modeling/texturing… but everything else I’m open to debate.

Volunteers you say? As soon i saw the concepts i got the urge to model them. I might model you something :wink:

Illumina is modeled, texture and shaded.
So… to do this work it cost me two weeks (yes Saturday and Sunday included) at 10 hours by day average;
-She has close to 20’000 triangles which should be an average for all the characters;
-Has 5 textures at 10241024 and one at 256256 (for hair specular);
-Occupies 4Mb on HD plus about 15Mb of textures.
-Hope she doesn’t go beyond 30Mb after rigged.

I would like to make LIN and MEG (the male robot and flying buddy), but sheriff lady robot is free to anyone that wants to give a try.

Next comes the male human… If everything goes well it should be done in about two weeks from now.

Wow, Rogper, that’s looking seriously awesome already! …I have to ask, though, how huge is your monitor? :eek:

Hey Philippe M.!
hehe it’s 27" I had one with 24" which lamp faded away due to the old age (6 years)
Since blender 2.65 the 24" one turned out to be a little small, so this time around is a 27" one… and hope they don’t add more side panels to blender :evilgrin:

Front view of “Anna” (the lady robot):

(it’s an earlier concept, the most recent version is the one above)

Modeling Anna the sheriff robot…


@DDD - Epic modelling you’ve got going on there!

@Rogper - 27" huh? Wow, that would barely fit on my desk, and I’d have to sit further back! Must be pretty awesome having all that screen space though. I just wish I had matching monitors, or at least resolutions, that way I could stretch a Blender window across the entire desktop and just split it down the centre to avoid dealing with multiple windows. I’ve got a 23" LED Samsung and 21" LCD Acer, so there’s a big different in colour quality as well… sigh maybe some day :wink:

@Pilippe, naw not yet, i was just warming up there :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a clay render :smiley:


:eek: Wow! looking pretty awesome :smiley: great job on the back, I wouldn’t have done it better!
Looking foreword to the next episode :yes:
Btw I’m in a GMT time zone, so sorry in advance for the time I’m sleeping, I’ll drop by at least once a day.

Now a question, we should have a comom place were to store the project data and models.
I’m thinking on a dropbox open folder under a cc by nc license. Is it a good idea!?
Dropbox is like a SVN server in which everyone can trow the models to the folders and it uploads then to everyone that as access to it.

@Phillippe M.:
Hehe it took me 3 months modeling/texturing buildings to be able to buy this monitor, but it does worth it.

Thanks rogper. Do you have s drawing of the hand and gun by any chance? The drawing doesn’t really show them that well. If not i guess ill just base them off the other picture.
Here is the lower leg done:


Hey, also looking real good :yes:
Regarding the hand it should be more or less the female version of LIN’s hands, basely more thin at the tips and smaller, but sorry, I wasn’t expecting your contribution so don’t have any sketch details.
For me I usually don’t need to draw some details because I prefer to make them modeling instead of drawing.

This is the first time ever someone else is doing the model of one sketch of my. This is all new to me :smiley:
It feels great! And I’m not telling it because it saves me work, but because it’s pretty cool seeing a sketch gaining third dimensionality from others perspective :slight_smile:

Some guns inspiration:
Costumized beretta M9