Rogue flyaround redux

A test run of an update I’m working on for my old Rogue Flyaround Animation: click here for video (WMV - sorry! :frowning: )

Sample frames:

Okay, inspired by the likes of traitor and speedtiti, I’ve been wanting to update my old anim by losing the horizon line and using AO lighting. I thot if I could remove all points of reference, I could simply spin the wheels on my model, angle the front wheels and attempt to give the viewer the impression that its driving in circles. Looks better than a static flyaround, IMO, but wanted to get your thots…

I intend to put out a hi-rez, motion-blurred version, but wanted to put this prelim version up to get any other thots you guys might have prior to running it (such a version usually takes 4-6 hours/frame, so I want to have it right before I render it.)

I’m not going to change much on the model (see this thread for thots on its shortcomings), so I’m more interested in your critique of the animation effect I’m trying to achieve. Does it work? That is, does it look as if its actually driving?

What I know needs work:

  • driver’s head is too small, too high up, and too far back.
  • reflectivity of the glass elements is too high.
  • the rear wheel is spinning too fast (I have it rotating the same number of degrees/frame as the front ones. Not true to reality, unless the thing’s cutting donuts, in which case I’d have to put down major skid marks and kick up a bunch of blue smoke… it’d be cool, fer shure, but too much for me to pull off atm…)
  • the background goes from grey to pink to grey during the course of one rotation. this is due to using the world tex for the AO source. I can live with it if you can…
  • AO samples are really low - I did this on purpose for this test to bring down render times. This will be cranked to max for the final. But I’ve also noticed that motion blur helps smooth this out, too.
  • any others?

that is excellent!! really really excellent!

I kept wanting to see it shoot off into the distance before it faded though :frowning:

however, like I said - THAT IS EXCELLENT!

very nice!

im stoked to have inspired you :smiley:

i really love the tail lights on that thing, you pulled them off very well.

it’d be cool if there was some more change, like it pulled to a stop, and the camera zoomed way out or something. Not sure about that country soundtrack either :wink: but at least you have something.

great job!

code_astro: thanks! I like the idea of having it streak off into the distance… gonna have to noodle on that one.

Hey, you rock, dood.

Huh… interesting. This is my least-favorite part of the design - where I think it kinda falls apart. They’re almost like “afterthot” quality, IMO. Glad you like 'em, tho.

Yep, it could use a bit more of a “plot”, I guess. Like I said, I’ll have to think on that one a tad…

Hey, giddyup y’all! (I luv!)

Any other two-centers out there?