Rogue Minotaur

Here is my BG competition submission:) I’m trying to get into characters more and take them from start to finish in Blender.

All sculpted, modeled, textured and rendered in Blender. I wanted to do more with the scene but ran out of time:(

Hope you guys enjoy!

EDIT Sometimes you just cant leave something alone:) I wasnt satisfied with my initial composition so I came up with a new one which I like much better:) Hope you enjoy

High Res Update

High Resolution version

Looks great! It was really awesome going through your wip thread for this! Good Luck in the comp

This is a definite finalist in my opinion! :slight_smile: Looks great. I love the photorealistic qualities making it look like an actual model. (I am sorry if this was not your intention but I love the look anyway)

The only thing I don’t really like is the very uneven hair line on the legs. Are they supposed to look like that because of damage from fighting?

Thanks guys:) Its always a fun learning process doing these competitions. Amazing really how you can work with Blender for so long and then turn around and learn something completely new that Blender can do. Having worked with Autodesk for 15 year doing AutoCAD drafting and engineering I can tell you that AutoCAD crashes 5 times a day and I think since I have been using Blender it has only crashed a hand full of times. That’s just plain solid development…its the way all software should be really. THANKS BLENDER!!

Great! I really like the textures, very sharp, and knowing they were created in blender :smiley:

This turned out great. Rating it 4 stars because I have a personal favorite. Of course the rating is for the effort and personally because I like these types of creatures/characters. Good job man.

Thanks Guys:) Sometimes you just cant leave something alone until your happy with it…you know what I mean? Even though the competition is over I wanted my composition on this guy to be better…better lighting…better background…better mood. I think this version does all those things much better:) Any thoughts…better…worse…samezies:) I did a little bit of adjustments to the hair on legs and the skin shader and the chain metal. Thanks for viewing:)

High Res Version

Love it! Much better now! The view angle, the background and the light are spot on! Makes it a badass :smiley:

I think your new image really does justice to the quality of your character, Derek! Terrific job, I’m glad you kept at it and brought it to this level! You should be very proud.

Your last image reminds me a lot of a short film I saw a number of years ago. I believe it’s called “Round 6”, and you should be able to find it on Vimeo. The “boss” character in the last bit of the film, and the setting, is similar to your most recent image, although I don’t know if he’s actually a centaur. Still scary, though.

Anyway, great, great work. I haven’t looked at the competition results yet, but I hope you at least got an honorable mention!

Thanks guys…badass is exactly what I was going for haha:)

James, thanks for the comments I’m always impressed by your work so hearing from you is a treat:)

I also just wanted to say I’m honored to have made the top 4 in the competition:) I’m also proud to say that my character was entirely made with BLENDER:) Congrats to everyone else to participated and learned a few new things.

Love the new version, great job on the lighting! Well done Derek! :slight_smile:

Thanks Vicky, I just couldn’t leave it alone:) I’m still working on the “missing nudity” in my sketch book as you kindly pointed out:) hehe Hopefully I’ll have some new stuff up soon

This is amazing, so realistic, definitely great job on this piece!

WOW:) Thanks man…its always fun to see these past projects pop up and be appreciated.

Hey, I love the design. Looks really tough and dynamic.
I thinck you should use multiple hair system to refine de fure.