Rogue Squadron (Upbge 0.3)

Take it as a showcase more than a game that i will upgrade with more detail objects.
This shows Upbge can handle million polygons and high res textures and keep running smooth.

( What is really missing to make it even better is quality post effects, sky system, and game advanced particles effects )

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There is issues with Blender editor when workign with million poly models and high rez textures.

Re opening the level all duplicated models where stacked at the same position loosing all level design
(perhaps it’s related to objects transforms or other things, but that should be saved and opened correctly).


Doing some level design again, saving and close editor, re opening and again same issue ( trying the Blender backup file, but it’s the same ).


I don’t think keeping working on the project or fight with some Blender editor issues.
Perhaps i’ll give it another try again much later when Upbge 0.3 will get advanced game particles and good post effects.

This is more an Upbge tech demo showcase than making a full game.

Interesting to see an on the rails styled type of game on UPBGE 0.3
its nice to see you working on a game man, keep up the fantastic work bud.

its better when people around these forums making games instead of making noise … :sunglasses:

All the best with your project bud


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I don’t think this forum is the most noisy :joy:

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lol i think thats the truth about these forums especially the game engine section lol, people make noise when it comes to issues and difficulties but when it comes to checking out people’s work willingly and asking questions they’re either scared or afraid to make noise or they quickly glance at the work and leave lol

Personally i dont give a damn if people don’t make noise or not im just happy im making gmes on UPBGE and i’ll continue doing so Peacefully…

When will you realease your Star Wars game demo ? I want to try it :smiley:

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yr not the only one who’s waiting there are already more than 50 Demo testers and im working on the Early access build which is the 1st public Alpha its going to be a major release and i will hype up and premiere the launch of it , not to worry if u sub early on the discord you might get a week early access before the launch.

Lots of great work put in to the current build my upcoming game play, an unedited showcase video will be uploaded showcasing the class system as well.

Im preparing content and the build at the same time but no need to worry there will be a testable version later in the year. (if i get done with content i can release as early as July 2020, but only progress will tell im working 1 man on the content and all essential stuff)