RoJa GAMES thread!! Game Release date ##/##/06!!

So this is the official thread of the Medieval Game Racfaph - Time for revenge of Jacco and Me
to start with, here are some screenshots

Jacco is the main character modler, I am the main level modler
We are curently looking for animaters, more modlers and programmers

if anyone would like to help us, you can allways contact us to apply
Jacco ([email protected])
or PMone of us!!



Thank you for your time…updates and more to come soon!!!


update, castle moddeled

here’s a pic


Here are some more pics on the develomment of the dungeon:-



Hey, looking good!

thanks, there’s put a lot of time and hard work in it :slight_smile:


Thanks Fireside :smiley:


Heres a new screenshot of the !!!FOREST!!!


Hey, looks really cool.

Looks very good. braveheart, I’ve sent you a PM.

Thanks guys we have put hard work in and yeah i got yor PM magicMan iv sent a reply… :smiley:

Hello the Racfaph - Time for revenge DEMO release will be held back untill futher development of the game and the Demo as we are experiencing alot of problems from objects going weird when we save a runtime and other problems.


for all of us mac and linux users, could you guys post a .blend too?

looking good so far! :slight_smile: keep up the good work…

I have a suggestion though: the trees…halo/billboard alpha-plane shrubs and plants usually look fine since there so small when the player looks at them, however something as big and noticable as a tree probably shouldnt be an alpha plane. I understand that your probably gunning for speed, so low poly modelling is a must, but im sure you could afford some modelled trees that are about 100 or so tris right?

If you can’t figure out these problems I might be able to solve them. Be more specific with your problem because I or someone else has probably seen the same problem come up many times and knows how to fix it.

!!Feedback appreciated!!
Heres the link:- Have Fun (if u can)

Here is another link for the same DEMO but i updated the README file please read it thanks…

P.S - It is called README but it is the DEMO aswell

P.P.S - How do we make a Mac or Linux playable DEMO as we would love evryone to be able to play the game…?

just post the .blend file

What without uploading…it how can i post the .blend file?

Nm, it worked second time i tried it but i fell through your floor and i knowticed that u dont roate with the mouse so if im looking left and i move forwar i wont move the way im looking. Thats kinda hard to controle, unless u did that on purpose i sugest you try to fix it.

small notes on the DEMO version, you start upside-down, the shooting isen’t completerly fixed yet ^^ and a texture wentloose: as you aproach the door it would have to say: “rightSHIFT to open de door, rightCTRL to close it” but something went wrong i guess ^^



did it say that “SDL.dll” or “python24.dll” is not included ? cuz SDL.dll s in the zip file and python should be around :smiley: just copy those dll’s from you .blender directory. (allthough i don’t think your that stupid ^^)

EDIT2: you should scroll up and down to change your weapon [!]
next version will definetly have the controls explained but as Rob siad, we are a bit short of time :frowning:


Please extract files before play and read the README file please a new and better demo comming soon…