This is Rokusho from the anime Medabots!
He was quite a task for me to me as I do not have much practice with hard surface modelling but I’m quite happy how he turned out. I feel as though I can improve on my lighting. Gotta practice more!

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You should indeed be pleased with such a model! Welcome to the forum!

I would take a look at lighting, as (to my mind at least) it’s not as hard as modelling. Or you could go down the even simpler route of selecting an HDRI you like from HDRIhaven You’d get some slight reflection from the HDRI on Rokusho as well.

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Thank you! :smile:

I do have an HDRI in my scene but I used a basic studio one which in end didn’t add much to it. I agree lighting is so important and I just have to keep experimenting! Posing him dynamically will also step the render up a notch I would say.

Yes… ideally you’d add a simple rig for posing: Robots are in some ways simpler than people to rig (all rigid objects) - this looks like quite a useful tutorial, but there are others:

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Love Rokusho!

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