Roland Hess book on Amazon for 2.5

Hi, I was looking at the new Roland Hess book on Blender for the upcoming version.

On the cover is says 2.6

Does blender use odd numbers for development and even for release or something like that?

Just curious why it says 2.6 on the cover and 2.5 in the book description…


I am not a developer, but if I understand correctly, 2.5 refers to the development versions during the major rewrite of Blender’s internals (ie, 2.5alpha, 2.5a2, soon to be 2.5beta), and 2.6 will be the version number for the “official” release of the new codebase. This has been the subject of much discussion on the mailing list and may have changed, but that’s my understanding.

I figured it was something like that.

Lots of projects follow a similar numbering scheme.


I don’t know how I should think about Blender books since the software evolves so fast.

I feel video material online is much more accurate.

This is a pity since I enjoy designing books.

@cekuhen my problem or issuse with video tutorials is that in 3hours someone will probably cover what I good book will in 40 pages. Nothing tramps the density of information that you can pack in a book. People also have a terrilble tendency to go off on irrelevant tangents on video something a good book editor would probably axe.

But it is a real pity that indeed the do get outdated quickly but than again so do the professionally done DVDs. Quiet a few of the ones in the Blender e-shop are out of date


I understand what you you mean. just video recording is not the same as making a good video tutorial.
But I also read quite many books which were written in a bad way, with visually not really impressive
examples, and a shallow depth.

An interactive book would be the best, you can update it, but having a hard copy is really nice when you
take it to somewhere to read.

I think there’s room for both well written books and good video tutorials


i prefer books to be more process or concept related then software based.

Does anyone know if and when the book will be available in the Blender shop? It is “In Stock” on, but not on or


Odds are that book won’t be in the Blender e-shop. Unfortunately, my publisher and the Foundation have never been able to come to an agreement on that.

As for the title/version number, when we “put the book to bed” (which means we can’t make any more changes and still hit our publication date), the best official info from the Foundation was that we’d be in solid beta by now, and hitting 2.6 shortly afterward. Once again, fortune does not smile upon us, as the Foundation has decided to not call the final release 2.6, but a variant of 2.5x. Not much we can do about it.

The good about the book’s content is that, with the exception of the paint/sculpt tool panel, most of the stuff in there is accurate and probably will stay so for a while. It’s a true beginner’s book, so we cover the basics. Those basics have been hammered out for a while, and it’s the higher level stuff that the book doesn’t get into that is most likely to still be in a high state of flux.

Just so you know, the material in book (i.e. the examples and tutorial) were developed during a long process of testing and actual educational instruction. They work very, very well for teaching the material. The other thing I go into in the book is more of a mental thing than just “this is what this button does, etc.” I try to teach you how to think about your projects, and how to approach this stuff for the best outcome. The responses from people who have used this material in person have been really encouraging, and I’m confident that that same level of quality will carry over into the written work.

Just to ask a question: was anyone here under the impression because of the title that the book was an official Foundation publication? It’s not, but I wanted to make that clear.

i prefer books to be more process or concept related

Very, very true words :slight_smile:

i prefer books to be more process or concept related

While my book shows which buttons to push, I go to great lengths to instill new users with strong process knowledge and decision-making skills more than anything else.