Role of Blender interface in Crashing?

In working with a scene that crashes in 261 and 262, but not in 260a, it was suggested to make sure I loaded the scene into a default blender settings scene.

Turns out when I do this, my scene doesn’t crash, even with the object I’m pretty sure caused the crashes is set to render!

What bearing does the Blender interface have on crashes and how much of my settings can I have back? Do I have to add one at a time and see if it crashes?



So Blender crashes while loading the file? Try unchecking ‘Load UI’ under File->Preferences->File->Load UI… Pretty dumb thing to have as default seeing many have different tastes in their GUI… :stuck_out_tongue:

No, what I mean is that for 1 test render, my problem scene didn’t crash after being loaded into the default blender settings. I’ve since proved that was an anomaly.

but someone suggested always testing in the default blend settings while troubleshooting a problem file. I don’t see what bearing the interface could have on it.