Rolentum a 2D platforming game made in blender game engen.

I recently completed a project in which I created a physics based platforming game. The object of the game is simple: guide the ball to the end of each level. The physics in the game allows the player to complete each level in a number of unique ways. The game is complete and is available to download here. I tested the game and it works on Win7 and WinXP. For more information please send me a message or E-mail me at [email protected]. I will be releasing a series of youtube videos documenting how I made the game very soon.
Til then happy Blending.:wink:

I just played through it, and it was very fun!
My favourite part of the game are the scribbled messages on the levels, however, this stopped by the ~5th level, which was a bit… meh…

Overall, this is a very complete game, which would be perfect with some sort of level editor!

Thanks for playing my game smeagle.

I’m glad you liked the scribbled messages, which was scribbled because I didn’t know how to add proper text, good mistake I guess.
Sorry about there only being 5 real levels Ill release some more (and hopefully cooler) levels soon.
As for the level editor… I really have no idea how to create one. If you can provide me with a tutorial on the subject Ill be glad to make a level editor.

Til then happy blending.

Nice game. it’s simple and good.

Exelent game, Very funny, Nice phisics, i really like it.
Simple game nice music and addictive

exelent work

good game, but too hard :slight_smile: