Rolex 5513

Hello fellow Blenderheads, here is a small project I did over the christmas holidays.
I’m a Rolex enthusiast and watch collectioneur, the favorite watch in my collection is my 1970 Rolex 5513 which I decided to model. Everything was modeled by me.
Beautiful wood & leather textures by Rob Tuytel, free at

I would have loved to add surface imperfections to both the crystal and the case/bracelt but I cannot seem to locate suitible textures so I keft it pristine for now.

I’m a photographer as well and I enjoy making lighting setups & scenes almost as much as I do modelling , because in Blender you can do things that are not possible in a real studio, such as putting invisible area lights inside the watch to illuminate the dial, or use one-way-tranaparent white/black panes to control reflections.
Here’s a node setup of a one-way transparent pane:

The backfacing socket from the geometry node controls the amount of transparency the camera will see: when viewed from the back, this pane is transparent and not visible to the camera.
The second transparent node into the mix shader controls the amount of transparency the object will see, in other words the amount of light being blocked towards the object.
The diffuse node controls the color of the pane, which is usually either black to block reflections, or white to creat reflections.

Hope you like it, let me know your thoughts,