rolex cosmograph

Hi, ive finish this wip just need to make more better shader but ive make this in 2 days, amazing lol.

say me if you have idea to make more better shader thank


hi, ive buil more better shader, and add skin leather into bracelet, im would like make more render of diferents style

model looks good but I think the shaders could use a bit of work. I can tell what they are supposed to be but they feel like they have too much saturation. also, the brushed steel looks a little dull. I think the clock face is prety good. Lots of detail, the decoration destracts from any minor problems in the shaders, but for the straps and housing it might need some more work done.

thank for help ive touch shader metal, gold, leather i think its more better now:

tel me if you think more better or need to chang it.

Render: cycle
blender: 2.69
render time:5min
type render: gpu

gpu: gtx 680x2 (8go)
cpu: xeon e5-2620 x2 (24 thread)
ram: 32go

The metal looks much better. Maybe just a lighting adjustment, IDK but it looks better. For the leather, Do you have a bump map? if not I would suggest it, if you do than its not strong enough.

Again, looking good. Keep it up.

yes ive added bumpmap and specular map build by crazybump, you suggest im add more bump of leather?

yes, iether the lighting is off, or there isnt enough bump. the leather looks very flat textured to me. it feels like the bump is very negative spaced with the black. If yo uthink there is sufficiant bump than maybe play with lighting a little.

ive, build new render of skin,

That looks a bit better, in addition, I think its partially lighting. I say this, of course, because the render on the right accentuates the texture much better than the one on the left. Better lines and contrast of lighting.

yes im think it’s light, and angular camera need chang position because the shader have specular ad reflect, thank i go to test

ive finish all, you can see my work here, thank: