Rolex Daytona

Hey Blender community,

after several inactive years with blender I decided to refresh my knowledge of and love for this awesome software.

I started using blender in times when the c-key was still a thing and was also part of the opensourcing (yes, it’s a word). But I haven’t done anything with it (or any other 3D software for that matter) for a long time.

I stumbled upon an old rolex tutorial for maya 2011 and decided to very roughly follow it in order to relearn some blender. Boy, was it a joy to use again. I had to change some of the standard settings to make it behave like it did back in my days™, but after that it was a blast.

I hope you like my first image. I might add some detail renders and other stuff, if you are interested.

Modelling: Blender
Rendering: Cycles
Textures: Inkscape
(yep, it’s open source all the way. Not on purpose, though, but still nice to recognize)

Feel free to have a look at the full res image, as the details seem to get a little lost in the thumbnail :wink:

Outstanding work, been wanting to do a watch for a while now. Great stuff! :smiley:

Thank you. I will add a link to the maya tutorial after I am not a forum noob anymore and am allowed to (after 10 posts if I am not mistaken).

Blender was missing one or two features, but did beat maya in a lot of sections as well. In my opinion, blender got out way ahead, but I am highly biased. :wink: