Rolex Render

Hi, maybe I will never get a rolex in my life, but nobody forbids me to create one in blender 3d. Tell me what you think about it.

It looks a bit um… Flat, is it supposed to be like that? If it is, then AWESOME! :smiley:

Looks great, modeling it must have been hard, I tried once and failed horribly :frowning:

Looks great but it looks stretched along the watches length.

Thank you for the replies.
hgoel0974: I don’t know exactly what you mean. Anyway the scene has been inspired by a real image, that itself wasn’t very exciting.
Abdullah Al-Dar: I just discovered the power of the spin function for the modeling. Anyway I’m sure that you can do it very easily after watching your renders.
Writer’s Block: Probably it is an effect caused by the prospective. The watch is constituted by a perfect circle in the middle part.