Rolex Watch (Image heavy + frequent progress updates)

Here is a WIP of a Rolex watch that I am making.
I’m making good progress on the main model and will probably be finished in the next 2 days.
Feel free to post crits and comments, everything is welcome and dont forget to pop back and check for updates. :wink:

Pics so far…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The modeling looks good. But it needs some materials and textures.

I’m fully aware of that but it isnt even completed yet so why would I texture it now? lol

I will detail it more later on and possibly use a booleon to create a hole in the side panel.
For now I have added the knobs.

Getting the bottom done…

topology is beautiful, would suggest unbiased render for renders though.

Yes I always use an unbiased rendering system for the final shots. I have used many but my favourite would be Bunkspeed Hypershot… Octane render is good but it has a few limitations.
Those images are simply OpenGL renders from the viewport as they are quick to be rendered and light all the edges and corners well enough to inspect.

Some more progress…

More progress…

Ok… So it is no where near finished but I thought I would quickly make a mock render at the current status because I have yet to post anything other than an OpenGL render.
Sadly for some reason there are absolutely no blueprints or textures on the internet for me to use on the watch so everying has to be done in photoshop. I have UV unwrapped most of the watch ready for me to apply the textures. I have a few references and a couple of close-up shots of the different details on the watch which I will try and create a texture & normal map with. I will settle with no less than a 4000x4000 pixel texture though because of the close-up shots.
Anywayz… Enoguh talking :wink: here is the render made in Bunkspeed Hypershot. (Rendered in 2 minutes 43 seconds.)
Obviously there is no need to point out missing details or textures as I’m currently working on them, this is simply a quick showcase.

Cheers blendererrrrereerer’s :spin:

Todo list:

  1. Model the lower wristband lock.
  2. Insert link pins.
  3. Complete textures & normal maps.
  4. Add any missing details upon re-inspection.

Made a few more tweaks and re-made the wrist links.
Here is a wireframe.

The textures are also almost completed.
I have made the front dial, bottom identity sticker and a brushed metal texture for the links. I just have to do the outer ring dial now.

Thx :slight_smile:

What rendering engine will you use then ?
Internal ? Cycles ? Lux ?

@Gwenouille maybe you should read his posts again he mentions it twice IIRC.

@PorkFist I have never modeled a watch before, for the wrists strips did you model the links flat and than bend them into shape using a curve modifier? I am curious as to how you did that.

I simply added a Nurbs circle and shaped it into a Jelly bean shape. Then I just tweaked it and pulled the centre pivots up to get that curved shape for the wrist links. As for getting the entire wrist strap to curve round, I added a bezier curve and attached one end to the top of the strap and the other one curved round to the bottom. I then just added the curve modifier and applied the transformation. Then I simply just pulled it back into place and that was that.
Due to hardly any blueprints on the internet a large majority of the work has to be done by eye, I have loads of reference images on my desktop to help me though.

I have also almost completed the main textures, I have resized them down as they are around 8kx8k pixels each.


TOP: Main front dial/face texture.
MIDDLE: Outer ring dial.
BOTTOM: Bottom cap identity sticker.

Ok, I was really annoyed once this completed rendering because unfortunately I have not aligned the textures properly through the uv unwrap.
Not a big deal though as it was just a texture test render. The outer dial needs some shading on the numbers which I am sorting out now and I have yet to texture the sticker to the bottom of the watch.
Anywayz… Here is the render for what its worth.
I’m sorting the problems out now…

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I have just noticed a crease on the model, OMFG! :frowning:
Must fix…

Stellar, really outstanding.

I attempted to remove the crease on the arm and also corrected the textures. I let the render run for 30 minutes this time for a more clean look.

Jesus. This is awesome.

good job sir!