Roll 'em! [Updated]

This was initially an attempt at photorealism, but I’m afraid I quite failed. Anyhow, here they are. C&C, and be rough if you please.

This is indeed no photorealism, but they are nice. The dots are maybe somewhat to emitting. Also the one eye on the right dice looks kinda weird to me.

To make it more realistic try to add shadows wich are in view of the camera (in this case in the front)… now (if there are) shadows are blocked out by objects… if there are no shadows one can’t make out the real height the object has from the ‘floor’ …

too perfect. I would bring the reflection down a notch with a reflection map and maybe add a spec map tool

Well, this is with the light coming in at an angle that should have caused far more dramatic shadows - with less alpha, less mirror. I like it a bit better, but it still is not at all there.

Looking better!

i personally liked the first one more, much more stylish. for photorealizm, add a texture onto the ground, and make it slightly reflective.

<edit> oops… didn’t realize you had transparency on. </edit>

shadows shadows that’s all I can say…

The one with less alpha gives the impression of an awkward reflection, I think it looked better without the transparency.