Roller Babies

A fantastic new animation … ad for Evian:

Spambot alert…

That version is screwed up. Whoever uploaded it encoded it all weird or something. Here’s a much better version:

It’s an ad, but it’s also an interesting animation. It’s not funny for a whole minute, tho. 30 seconds, maybe. Not a full minute. Dunno if I’d call it ‘spam’ but adb surely isn’t a bot.

Oh, usually I assume people with no avatars or sigs who start threads like this are bots…

Well, at least it’s not a shoe ad.

As for the animation… I think it looks a bit freaky with those real heads and CG bodies.

Well look at it as a animator - That was some well done composting work. Apparently it was a good idea cause its getting a lot of good reviews.

Next I hope they show us the effect of concentrated sulfuric acid on babies.

I’m not a bot … or connected with Evian in any way … just thought it was well done.

Only assume them when they only have 1 post yet.

adb didn’t post spam, this is spam:

Anyway, it’s a funny animation. Original concept, but the humor is a bit “cheap” (if you know what I mean).

yes, well done doggie_b

i think he was refering to S.P.A.M.

still a good joke though