Roller Coaster

Hello everyone

I am attempting to build a roller coaster in blender. I have modeled the tracks with curves and now need to build supports. I tried using a cylinder with textures as an experiment and dupliframed it along the track, but then I couldn’t edit where the supports were (if a track went over another one, the supports sometimes would go through the bottom track or if the track went upside down the supports would stick up in the air :confused: or attach to the wrong side of the track plus I can’t change where the supports attach to the track and how). Is there an easy way to do this without individually modeling each support?:eek:

You can make the dupliframes real so you can edit the bad copies of them manually


Dupliframes modeling is using animation tools for modeling. That means that you can use ipo curves on objects to change their sizes, location and rotation as well as their position along the curve.
I have a few (ancient) tutorials on dupliframes modeling on my (even more ancient) web site and also some specific tutorials about how to avoid the most common pitfalls when modeling special roller coaster sections like the loopings, cobras and corkscrews.

Thanks I used the shortcut that you suggested. It did what I wanted to do! Thanks.