roller texture

how do i make a paint roller look like one?
it will be rolling paint for about 3 seconds
see attached file


tools.blend (264 KB)

just put some hair with hair particule system

it should look fine


great idea - how do i do that?
all i found was for 2.44
ihave 2.47
“Since we’re about to create hair-strands or fur we need to make the particles static. Press static followed by animated if you plan to animate these later on. To draw strands between each particle generated we need to activate vector under the display section - press Vect. If you want the mesh to show during the generation of particle strands you simply press Mesh under the display section.
We need to see the particles now but we haven’t informed our generator how to emit these from our mesh-object. To see these - go to the Particle Motion tab and set normal to 0.010. Your sphere should look something like in fig-2. If not, then press the Z key to enter shaded view”
i can’t even find the buttons on 2.47!


Funny thing is, I was working on a way to simulate traveling over grass and accidentally created a nice looking cover for a paint roller.

I have reduced the particle count to 7 to facilitate the upload. Pull down the BLEND file and increase the particle count to something large like 50,000 and observe the result.


ras_Grass245_1b.blend (212 KB)

but your grass is unequal in lenght

any spec variable to have constant lenght hait

i reduce it with setting the damp factor to 1 it gives a better look
see pic

and alos put some children around 100
to give more density


Thanks guys.
that is exactly right.