rollercoaster, good tutorials?

Some time ago I’ve used Blender but now I’ve got the opportunity to use it workrelated for a presentation.

For this presentation I need to build a Rollercoaster. Does anybody know some good tutorials to kickstart the project?

thanks anyway


their maybe better examples


I don’t know how it is typically done, but I would consider making the track out of bezier curves using bevob with a bezier circle for the roundness, and then just make the original curve into an animation path and parent your camera to it.

I’m the author of that tutorial. It goes quite far in some complex workarounds to problems with blender path animation and I’ll be watching this thread if any questions arise.


Lol, it seems like wyvern won’t even have to do much work considering that IamInnocent has a full roller coaster tutorial there. Great work, I’ve got to check it out in greater depth later.

IamInnocent, that looks likes a very great tutorial. Took also a look at the other tutorials on the site. Seems great. Too bad that my french sucks so I don’t grasp everything mentioned.

Burns, thanks for reminding me of that great tutorial of [email protected] I had totally forgotten it.



French and English versions are pretty much the same so you didn’t loose much if anything.


can anyone help me with the mineride tutorial? i’ve already parented the path to the camera, but i dont understand the creating the rails section. has anyone already done this tut, or even just have an idea about what they’re talking about?

Rails are an extruded profile (crosscut) drawn with a curve, nurbs or bezier, along the same curve you already use as an animation path.
Read this for more on that variety of extrusion in Blender :

There are many other good tutorials on the subject, including what can be found in the Official doc at (look for the link at the left of the home page).

Hope this helps.


thanks, now i can get the curve attached to the bezier. but now i cant figure out how to get the sharp angles that are needed to create the rails (
anyone know how?

Sharp angle are determine, you guessed it, when drawing your profile (or crosscut) curve. There are quite a few ways to achieve this in Blender.
The simplest most radical way would be to use bezier vector handles (Vkey) or the free ones (Hkey). To learn more about the different types of handles for the bezier try this :
or this :

For nurbs you must place control point near one to the other to get sharper corners and angles. Three is likely the most you’ll need for a curve of the 4th order and two are often enough.

These are the best ways.

Hope this helps.


thanks iaminnocent, i finally got the tut to wrk.