Rollercoaster - WIP

I’ve started a new project, not too big cause of school, but fun none the less. :smiley: I’m going on a field trip with my JROTC unit next weekend, and we will be stopping by Busch Gardens on the way back, so it inspired me to do a rollercoaster :stuck_out_tongue: . This is in the early stages of production, so don’t say it doesn’t look finished, cuz it’s not. :wink: Here it is: (dah da daaaa!)

It is slightly animated, but it is at a constant speed right now. I would of animated it for you guys, but it is 1550 frames long right now. The little holes in the render (2nd pic) is where a small tunnel will be.

Please C&C on this, right now i’m trying to figure out what kind of buildings and stuff to put in the background.

Good work, but I am not too sure about the gigantic ramp thing… it totally dominates the rollercoaster and looks out of proportion. In the render it just makes the rest of the rollercoaster look tiny. And anyway, in reality it would take so long to lift everything up there that it would not be worth it.
Apart from that, looking good!

There’s a lot of swerves in a row. I’ve seen it before, but never so many. I’ve been wanting to so something like this for some time, but just never got around to it. Looking good so far.

To give it better perspective, perhas add in the support structure and some environment. I personally don’t mind it being larger then life, just needs to be tied together more. Perhaps make some of it go though a mountain, or under water though a tube, lots of potential for some really cool animation. Good start. =)