rolling ball platform game

Hi, I’ve been working on a platform game were you are a softbody ball, but when you move the ball around on the platform after a bit it falls off. Is this a problem with blender? anyway is there a way to make some kind of force field so the ball can’t fall off?

thanks in advance

You can use ‘lock translation’ so the ball can’t travel on a given axis - never mid, I just checked, this option is not available for soft body.

There is an actuator called ‘Constraint’, maybe this will help? It is like the above, but I haven’t tested it for soft bodies.

In the world tab, go to Physics - physics steps - substeps and change the value from 1 to 5.

In the physics tab (not in the world tab!), you can change collision bounds and see if it improves.

Good luck.

Just wondering, why softbody?

thanks for the quick reply! I tried the Constraint actuator and it didn’t seem to have any effect on the softbody but it did work on the ridgid body, it’s not essential to have the ball softbody, the idea of the game was to have the ball pick up things that would change the balls shape and properties but I could do it with a ridgid body.