Rolling Blender Splash screen.

Anyway - the vote are still 1-2 days young, I’ll leave it open for about a week and then we’ll see. It’s just a vote on an idea…nothing more or less.

Please, please, please
Will we see what?
Why bother people with this? Forget about it, it is
STUPID or if you prefer USELESS :slight_smile:
And this thread is growing stupidly <-- wasted time.

Blender is already exceptionnal if it’s that what you want, so what?
Don’t bother devs and users with this kind of polls, Por favor!

You know what these things make me think? I think it’d be better if just Blender-Foundation made their own splash.

you are too excited.

kiss buddies!

That has been an issue at the workshop I’m doing at my university. We’ve gone through 3 versions already, and sometimes students will accidenatly load the wrong version. The splash screen is what helped them, and myself, recognize what version they are in.

I don’t have the same problem as osxrules does, but I will say that I like having Blender as small as possible. Okay, so an extra 100k of images isnt’ a big deal, but splash screen consistency is a good thing in my opinion. If I want to see cool images, then I’ll go to the Blender Gallery.

You just gave the best reason (imho) I’ve heard so far for NOT having
random splash-screens. That makes entirely sense! :slight_smile:

It is a good reason but it’s not the true.

It is just useless <-- this is the TRUE reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers JoOongle

Calling the idea “useless” or “stupid” will get you nowhere. Unless you back it up, your opinions are useless and stupid.

I’m both for and against this idea, though I voted for for. For - I’ve always thought something like this would be a good idea. Against - the whole file size and version thing. But for those of us that use just one version (maybe I’m just crazy) this isn’t an issue. Maybe both sides can be satisfied with two seperate downloads? One for the rolling splash and one for static?

@Meltdown: Having a larger amount of splashscreeens in the same version, apparently, is amusing for some. So for those people it’d actually mean something if this thread changed anything. Call that useless?

And independent of if the poll/thread makes a difference, TRYING, is never useless.

Don’t be so negative man :wink:

I do like having the version recognition, but I also like the idea of random inspiration on startup. I mostly use Blender for recreation, so sometimes I start it up with nothing in mind and just play around with it. So in that case, having a random artful picture would be nice. However, I think I’d still rather have pictures as a separate gallery.

Here’s an idea for implementation, should someone care to use it: Have a splash screen directory somewhere in the install path, and either put the official picture in there, or leave it wherever it is now (is it inside the executable file?) Then just have Blender show a random picture from that folder on startup, or use the default if none are available. Having the default one in that folder as well might be even better, in the event that some people want no splash screen at all. This would only increase the download size as much as the new code would require, which I’m sure would be much less than the code for all the sweet new features being added. Then people could download new splash screens only if they wanted them. They could, for example, download a collection of cropped/resized gallery pictures, or download collections from a particular artist whose work they like.

You just gave the best reason (imho) I’ve heard so far for NOT having random splash-screens. That makes entirely sense! :)[/quote]

Yeah, that really is the reason :). I think that the only use it would have would be “picture of the day”, except that it randomly picks one image out of a finite number.

And the user can also put their custom splash screen as well, which would be kinda neat. I’ve read a message on this forum before about people wanting to change the splash screen. So, there’s at least some want for that kind of feature.

I actually like Particlese’s idea better. It’s purely an aesthetic feature, but it wouldn’t hurt. It has multiple uses and it’ll make JoOngle happy :).

I agree with Particlese. All would be satisfied, no one would be inconveinienced except those that wanted the change. (and the coders of course)

No disrespect to the wonderful art submitted, but I don’t care about the splashscreen.
It sounds like a great troubleshooting method for some (quick version id) and a possible form of entertainment for others, but I would probably take advantage of the NONE feature.

Maybe a link in the help menu for Tutorials/Inspiration. Maybe.

What I do think however is that the CVS builds of Blender could use a different splash from the release builds. So lets discuss that instead! :slight_smile:

Why not superimpose the evil monkey from family guy onto the splash? If he points down, it’s b-con 1. Then he keeps changing where he points or where he is positioned as the releases go up the b-cons.

I wonder if the family guy creators would be in favour. They’d be getting free publicity to millions of people round the glode.

The thing about different splashes again is the identification problem. How would you know if it was 2.4 b-con 1 or 2.4 b-con 3? There are enough final releases that splash screens change soon enough and it gives people time to blend decent images and set up a competition.

Let those who don’t want it have the normal splash screen.
Let those who like to mod their themes be able to have a selected image if they want to.
Perhaps somebody could write a script for it.

You can have a auto generated build date or something in the splash,… or indeed a b-con level or even a textual description:
Bf-Blender CVS, 17/11/2005 or Bf-Blender + Opengl 2.0 CVS, 17/11/2008

Damn, this thread would make laugh a lot of infographists.
The blender’s community has nothing to do more than to discuss about adding fancies stuffs.
“I want splashscreenSlideshow, it so vital”
“hoo please, now i want music during the one second starting blender”

The worst, this kind of stupid idea risk to pass!

Blender for kiddiez or for CG creator?


note: it is not a no-respect for all submitted splash, but here you exaggerate.