rolling bones

how to stop bones from rolling when they being edited is that behavior intentional or a sideeffect/bug of/in the present system. does this effect the skinned mesh

Before doing anything in Pose mode (ie, before keyframing anything) and before Parenting your Mesh (or adding an Armature Modifier) do Ctrl-N with all bones selected in Edit Mode. This will set the Roll Angles of all bones to what they were when they were added. Then in Pose mode do Ctrl-A to remove any Translation history.

This isn’t foolproof though and if you get a bone/chain of bones that simply won’t behave then you may have to delete them and remake them by extruding from a good bone set to a defined axis.


my god man why did they design them that way :o why does everything have to have a pitfall of some sort where blender is concerned, I mean thank god I haven’t started the ‘serious’ stuff I might be have been screwed big time

I am still curious about that design decision/flaw though why!!! not trying to be rude but…so please some education

Two reasons for the absolute principle and one for the implicit:

1a) The CG things you’re building don’t have carbon-based elements (rigidity; bones or steel members) between the joints and,

1b) because of that, everything being a mathematical equasion some properties must be known; the “roll angle” (that point between 0 and 360)* of the Y axis of each bone is one of them.

*(Yes I know that the Roll Angle in the Transform Properties tab can go + and - 10,000 but that’s another matter)

  1. most of what people expect to do (and end up doing) is based on real-life skeletons or machines, but Armatures are designed to, or at least are able to do, more than that.


OOOOOkay then…I have to read the tech docs on this where are they.

Anyway I did what you said but that file already had animation the DOF stuff flipped on the arms but luckily there was only animation on the legs
would you recommend that I do those over because they seem fine

No, if they behave right then let sleeping dogs alone.