Rolling scroll

Hello, I decided to create a game menu where the frame is a scroll. What I want to do is make the scroll unroll (if that is the right term) when the menu pops, but I am in doubt about the animation. I tried using armatures but it doesn’t run smoothly and it is a lot of work. Does anyone have a great idea for just such an animation? It would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Here is a scroll animation I did for a building material installation product using a curve modifier. Attached is the Blend file so you can see how I did it. Hope this helps


SCROLL.blend (350 KB)

Thank you Alleycat, this is great advice. My scroll is now rolling but I’m having difficulty getting the animation to run in the GE. Am I doing something wrong?

Here’s what I’ve managed to whip up so far. I put two curve modifiers on the scroll so that it can roll. My problem is that I cant use the modifier in real time and I can’t figure out how to animate it. Does someone have an idea?


menuscroll.blend (255 KB)

Checked out your scroll blend. Looks good. GE is way over my head. Maybe if you post in the game engine forum you will get your answer…Looks good though

Well, this is still an animation related issue. I want to create an animation using the curves and then use it in the game engine as an ipo loop

No suggestions? I reallly need to get this done

I don’t know anything about the GE, but you can animate points on a curve by creating hooks on the verts. Go into edit mode on the curve, select a vert and press ctrl + h and press “add new, empty” then an empty object will be created at the location of the vert on the curve. You can animate the empty like any kind of object and the vert on the curve will follow it.