Rolling sphere that chases you

Hi, I’m working on an fps style game and I am trying to get a sphere that can chase the player a la raiders of the lost ark.

I got the sphere to track to the player and move towards him. To do this I’m using edit object actuator set to track to, and a motion actuator. However, the sphere will not roll. The tracking and motion keep the sphere with a rotation relative to the player, not a rotation relative to the sphere’s movement over the ground. Can anyone outline how I might allow the sphere to track, follow, and also roll?



If you want it to be like raiders of the lost ark, why not make the sphere a plain dynamic object with sphere bounds, then design the ground so that the sphere turns the way you want. You could even have multiple traps, one for each hallway run.

Ah well, the game isn’t really like raiders except in that you have to run from giant balls. I want the sphere to be able to roll uphill if possible. The landscape is fairly open…here’s a screenshot:

I want the ball to roll after the horse…

Well, if you really must have a sphere chase after your character then here’s a post from a while back that might have something to help you…

See CaptainOblivions post #5. He attached a blend file where the balls force is always in the direct the camera is facing. Use his idea, and try switching the camera with the player object, and you should be able to get it to follow your character.