Rolling Template

Along with the community of service we shall present to you our first game template, which is Rolling Template. The game consists in steering a sphere (ball - Marble type games, Ball Game)

So what is this all about with these templates? Well, having a Blender-game-enginish mental breakdown I installed some newer engines like Unity or Unreal Engine 4. I also spent some time on watching some tutorials. Unfortunately, being under pressure of all these options and necessity of learning the new interface caused even faster return to Blender. You know… All we have our habits. At the expense of better results and performance we are rejected by using different UIs. We all know that Blender has some limitations(serious). Even being outdated in comparision with newer game engines, Blender and its Game Engine has something in it. We can’t just let it go. After peeking into UE i came across a template system, which serves us this program at the very beggining… Interesting idea, I must admit. User can choose a template of a game, which he wants to create. He already has elemental physics and steering. He just needs an idea for game and its creation. Sitting here and thinking “Ah… it would come in handy in Blender Game Engine”. So we concluded that such templates would be useful for community, so You would see that it’s possible to create all kinds of games in BGE.

First off, we began with the Rolling Template. Supposedly very simple to recreate in BGE, in fact it’s just a rolling ball, but we came across some smaller and bigger problems, which we successfully solved. Elements included in Rolling Template are listed below:

  • Basic ball physics
  • Controlling the ball with WSAD basing on the camera view
  • Steering a camera view - Mouse; Q/E - zooming in/out
  • Double jump - Space or LMB
  • Changing ball color - RMB
  • Changing ball size - Mouse Scroll
  • All controls and behavior of the ball has been moved to the python scripts - even in this simple example number of Logic Bricks introduced us some spider’s web and illegibility (This approves the opinion that Logic Bricks are suitable for simplier needs, even pre-intermediate things require Python scripting (Personally i didn’t even think that Rolling Template would need Python. Thought that using Logic Bricks would be sufficient here.))
  • Base materials with physical properties
  • Base scene with dynamic objects

current version : 1.3 Download 2.8MB

Feel free to test and capture errors. If you have ideas for this template , please go ahead , willing to listen to opinions and suggestions . Or maybe the idea for the game ??