RollViewport addon for Blender 2.8x

RollViewport addon for Blender 2.8x

Roll the Blender 2.8x viewport with a pen or mouse pointer device.

This is very useful if you are working with a 2D app like Krita, Gimp, etc., and want similar features in the 3D Blender viewport. I quickly adapted some freely available code so it works for humans using the current default Blender 2.80 Keymap.

  • [ctrl-alt] + MMB – Roll the viewport.
  • [ctrl-alt] + RMB – Reset the viewport ‘turntable’ z-axis.
  • [alt] + [x] – Toggle a roll-only mode (viewport rotation lock).

There is one little inconvenience to keep in mind: You must reset the turntable axis before you can use the turntable rotation again.

A relevant Blender v2.8x default shortcuts:

  • [alt + MMB + drag]: Quickly reset the viewport rotation to an orthographic plane.


  • [alt] + MMB click towards an object – Center the pivot point of the viewport on the clicked object surface.
  • MMB drag + [alt] – Snapp in 45°-increments on the turntable axes.


Really nice! I even played around with trackball navigation once to get viewport roll but that was more annoying than helpful.

I changed the keymap a bit and it works like a charm, only had to move RIGHTMOUSE from cancel to finish to make it work with Alt+RMB drag (RMB drag is viewport rotate for me).

If you’re open to suggestions, what I think would be great is angle snapping. That would be a nice feature for ‘everything must be perfectly aligned’ persons like me.

very good adds speed facilitating the work, greater possibilities.

I changed now the ctrl-alt RMB to reset the turntable rotation. The keymap is currently only configurable in the source code.

I made an update to support one-button pen or 2-button devices.
Now it also automatically switches between the appropriate orbit methods (turntable/trackball).

[alt] + [x] – Toggle a roll-only mode ( => viewport rotation lock).

Now it is possible to ‘freeze’ or ‘unfreeze’ the viewport in any rotated position. Only the viewport roll is unlocked.

This is very useful e.g. for painting on a flat surface rotated in 3D space.

Added support for modifying add-on keymap settings (v1.1.0).

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Thanks for this very useful add-on!!!

Github is dead.
Addon is here

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This should be in the official master.
Thanks for the addon!

Here is a similar add-on:


Actually no need for an addon to roll the viewport, just create the shortcut for it:

Located in 3D View → 3D View (Global)
Create a new shortcut
Use the function view3d.view_roll