Roman Athens Panorma

Still in development but not so far to finish

Very nice!
The landscape is modeled? Is it a texture? I like the green parts!


Yes, landscape is modelled, it was taken from Google Earth and slightly modified but not too much. The rest is just textures painted with stencils. Green part was made in gimp from maybe 3 or 4 other textures, don’t remember exactly.

very nice, i bet this took a long time? are each buildings modelled individually?

This sounds as a good idea, never thought about this possibility. You can export a sort of 3D mesh of the terrain?

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It was thought as a walk-trough but optimisation still is in progress. It took one and a half year. Public buildings are modelled individually but houses with orange roofs are just simple blocks copied many times rescaled and rotated. Modelling and texturing just for nice images probably would take only 2-3 months.

Yes, you can export mesh from GE or you could, don’t know how is it now. I did it long time ago.
Sure, send me an email I looking forward to see what you do. I am going to launch my new website probably next week, so you will see more images.

wow, a year and half, thats one long prject, nice to see all your hard work is paying off though :slight_smile:

Agree. Looking impressive.

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