Roman Bridge

Hey all,

This is the first time I’ve used this WIP thread to post some of my own work but I’ve been reading other peoples work here for quite a while.

I never tried to make an arch before or atleast when I did it generally turned out hideous but I found out today just how great the spin tool really is :slight_smile:

I made this in about an hour with maybe half an hour for optimising the render. Ignore the completely blank background and far too blue water.

Any crits on the actual bridge itself? I wanted the sandy surface on the top to be very bright but i think it could be toned down a bit. I have no time for another render now. This took about 20 minutes with AO. The original was a 1280x1024 render but resized down for the forums.

I’m interested in hearing any critiscisms you guys have. Thanks :slight_smile:


Good job with the arches.

The stone texture on the bridge looks too flat. Depending on what kind of scene you are going to make I would suggest you to try out normal mapping or even model the stones (hint: dupliverts) .

The parts in which the bridge joins the land are ankward at the moment. It would be better if the stonework continued to the land. It looks impossible to build at the moment.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m hoping to try out normal maps for the stonework as I haven’t experimented with that very much. Right now I’m using the same texture as a bump map which I often do. Obviously it doesn’t look the best. I’m hoping a specially made normal map will work. The joints to the land were added in only when I realised that it was starting to look good and I should make a render out of it. Up until then I was just messing around making arches :wink:
I’ll have to redo them. Maybe have a wider half arch on each side connected to the land. Any advice on making ripples around the arches in the water? I’ve tried a bubbly effect with particles before but it didn’t work that great. Anything better I could try?
Almost all my work in blender recently has been modelling weapons for a game studio I work for. I’ve missed actually working on a render til completion. :slight_smile:

You might want to check this page:

There’s a lot of nice tutorials.

I like the bricks
Is it texture or blendermade(in editmode)

The arches are modelled while the wall bricks are a texture. I’ll have a look at that link. Thanks

i’m looking critical to the image and i see the grass texture on the background
it looks very repeated
and the light needs to be less energy
are u using area light?

This is a good site for anything blender!..

thanks for sharing…