Roman building(s)

I started this project as practice of baking normals in cycles on one column. Then I thought to try to use same technique on one whole building, and if successful then maybe couple more :slight_smile:

Current progress:

So here is column I started with. I was going for Corinthian order. With baked normals it is about 5500 verticies.

Building I started working on is Temple of Vesta. Here is progres so far. On third image I played with column materials trying to add random node combining different UV mappings.

Today I have done some work on baking for ceiling.

Still to do: walls, doors, windows and roof (which I’m really not sure yet how to approach so any tips are appreciated - I have blocked basic shape and position of roof but have to think about tecnique for modeling and texturing)

it looks awesome my only thing would be to possibly mix up the texture for the pillars. there’s like two that look exactly alike next to each other and it sticks out like a soar thumb. maybe rotate it or something. otherwise great work!

Very fine work indeed. Interested in your progress.

@Phorlyfe - Thanks. For pillars - all of them share same textures and uv maps becouse of baked normal map. What I was going for is using Object info node (its random value) for combinig diferent vector maping values. This setup I was workin on still needs some tweaking (since I’m not skilled enough with nodes) but I hope it will be randomized enough :slight_smile:

@Safetyman - Thanks, here is small update. I worked today on walls and texturing doors and windos:

Still to do some tweakings with textures/materials and to think about that roof :slight_smile: For doors I baked normals and painted in gimp some dots as bumps for those knobs and for windows I used just plane and painted in gimp alpha mask for transparency and bump.

Here is attempt of modeling/baking and texturing roof

I also tweaked randomization of column texture, but I’m not realy handy with nodes. Here is setup I worked on, results are fine by me but I would like to hear someone else opinion on it, and if it is right way of doing this.

I like It. definitely feels more random. My only thing now would be to add some dirt to it. make it look weathered a bit

Thanks Phorlyfe. Now when you said that I can see that my materials are too “clean”. I will try to make some dirt.
I’m also thinking about reworking columns details since each column is about 5500 verticies (most of it on top details) and when duplicated so many times on this temple columns alone are about 207 000 verticies while everything else just 7000.

Here comes an attempt on adding some dirt (I used pointiness and image textures)


very beautiful

Superb work!

Thanks TonyTrick and Troy. I did some small tweakings today and worked on lighting (HDR + 1 sun lamp). Here are two shots for comparasion. On first image is model with around 700.000 verticies and on second is result of all bakings with around 100.000 verticies.
All parts of model are divided on 6 different UV layouts (maybe too much?) and every part has its color, reflection, bump and normal maps in 2k and 4k.
I think this building is close to completion :slight_smile: