ROMAN Character update

Hey this is our hero once again in some new attire sporting a shield and in the running position.


ha… his ears flown off the running pic

Put some clothes on that bitch!

I don’t know but there is something really gay (homosexual) over this character. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. it’s a great model. What looks really weird is when he is running. His upper body looks way too long and big in that picture. But it might be angle, good job.:cool:

EDIT: I know what it is, he looks like he has girl legs. :wink: His head also looks too smart, and if you want him to look more badass. I suggest you take away the stripper panties lol…

lolz yeah i spent two days weight painting him then found out my armature modifier wasn’t applied yet so i had to just do a bone heat parent and am too lazy to redo the weight paint.

i just finished his first full set of armor but it’s an RPG so he needs to be nekkid so u can put whatever clothes on and armor him you want. unfortunately changing clothes individually is impossible

Yeah he does have girl legs. I’m gonna beef em up today and re-texture them. but the girl panties stay! haha i might texture them to look like leather.

I have to add that it looks like he has been taken steoroids…those are not unnatural muscles. This is natural muscles…
THis is unnatural muscles:
You see the difference right, his breasts look way too big…everything looks way too big. With that body he would have a hard time moving around on the battlefield.

…I appreciate the criticism but it’s a videogame. I’m not going for realistic. I’m going for believable. If I was just making a model that’d be one thing but it’s a gladiator videogame. over the top is my mark. The guy on the bottom of your pics is actually the exact body type I’m going for

Yeah, don’t over crit that kinda thing.

Yeah sorry, anyway make the head a bit bigger. That will make the body look less HUGE!