Roman Column

RomanColumn_16.blend (991 KB)

Hi guys, this was previously posted on focused critiques and I didn’t realise that “serious” means professional not something that you did for a reason instead of just playing around. So here I am posting again (sorry for the aforementioned post).

So this is a part of my university project but I never modeled before so I’d like some feedback on my first model ever that I made.

Some focus points if I could:

Does it look okay?

Are there any technical/newbie mistakes made in it, how do I correct them

What would you recommend for future projects in terms of pipeline.

Thank you for any critique.

for the ionic shape there is a specific way to do it
and don’t think you followed it

do some research in wiki for old columns and how to draw the ionic column
or other classical columns !

you could try to Corinthian columns but might be high res.
but with some trick I saw one done this year with medium res and still looking nice

good luck
happy bl

I think you mean something like this: ?

I took my one from this picture however.

depends also which models and at what time period in history

see wiki here
there is an example for ionic top classical architecture

not the same then the one you did.

also see this one

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I don’t think I got the skillz for that man, I am absolutely dumb.

you got to start somewhere and can always ask questions in forum for help LOL

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Alright, well, can you hook me up with some stuff that I should know that will launch me into being a good blender man?

At the moment I pretty much trace stuff with vertices or make something with primitive shapes.

here is a few more threads on architecture


have fun learning

happy bl

Thank you very much!