roman head

glow painted in photoshop
big picture


Awesome, endi.

The caption is priceless ;).


Nice work, endi! Marblelous :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job! Nice work on the materials and lighting.

Could you post a wire?


verry nice m8!! Great texturing, kinda weird its on a stick though…

typical endi… good work like always :wink: like the nose (and the ear) btw.
Only in his eye, the iris shoudn’t be visible.

Excellent head endi. Really nice render and materials too.

I think the brow come to too sharp of a point though. You may want to round that out a bit and add a wrinkle over the top of the brow.


Nice (as always)!
Did he have an encounter with Tyson? :slight_smile:

I get the feeling that the eyes are not pointing in the same direction which makes him a little dumb looking.

I would add a tiny bit of Raymir (maybe intensity controlled by a texture), but that’s just my personal taste.

nobudius… nice… great job!

oh, I forget, but his ears coming from makehuman :slight_smile:
I am lazy to modeling an ear! :slight_smile:

Great work as always, Endi! I especially like the materials you used here.


nice materials and modeling. Looks very statue like.

Very clever to make that crack on his nose.

Looks really good, somthing youd see in a proffesional art gallery.

Happy Modeling

update on #1 post: wireframe image

It’s really good. The only thing I would point out is that space on his upper lip where it looks like it’s glossy. Oh, and the glass pedestal makes it look more modern. Maybe that’s what you’re going for, but if it’s supposed to be from roman times, I would make it into a bust. But also see the nameplate, which is definately modern, so whatever. Definately fix that shiny spot though. Great job! (I also agree that maybe you shouldn’t include the iris in the eye. Altough a sculpture could very easily put that in, they usually didn’t. I think that this would help with the sightlines a little too. Just my opinion though. Do whatever makes you happy with it.)