Roman Helmet

Looking for criticism on the texturing. Looking back on it now I can already say I need to add some fingerprints and smudges.

As for smaller things like dust specs, I’m still thinking of ways to do that, so I’m open to ideas. I’m also wondering if its even worth it. By that I mean, wouldn’t dust build up mainly in the parts darkened by AO, and thus not be visible enough to add? Also does dust have Sheen in regards to the Principled BSDF?


Should’ve included this with the post

I really like the modeling, shading and texturing. Personally I think the chromatic abberations are a bit much. If you want to create the look of the helmet moving I would recommend, to animate the helmet and activate motion blur.

Wow. that’s shader complexity

Yeah I think I’ll tone down the dispersion. If I’m going to make it moving I want to put a head in it, but I’m not very good at that area of modeling and texturing.

I think the problem if you would model a head with the same amount of detail you would be in the uncanny valley.

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I don’t think that “dirt” adds anything of value. My only suggestion is to make the metal texture “tighter,” especially in the lower piece.

Also – experiment with colored lighting.

Maybe try to minimize the size of the “now blown-out white highlights,” because anywhere they occur they eliminate all perception of detail. “The pixels are overwhelmed …”

What do you mean by tighter?

Dirt has value in that it adds to the perception of wear.

After making this post I actually put an rgb curve on the hdr i was using.

Though moonlight and ember colors may work better considering the context. I’m working on sparks as a particle effect for the background right now.

Also what are you quoting?