Roman Legionary Sword & Shield

I am making a Roman Scutum (the shield that legionaries would carry) along with a Roman Gladius (the sword that they would carry) and once they are both done they will be in a scene in which the shield, sword and maybe some Pila (javelin, used at medium-close range) will be leaning against a large roman stone wall, here’s a picture of the shield I’ve got so far.

It has a wood texture on the back which I think is good enough and doesn’t need to be changed, as the back wont be visible in the final scene.

Also, for the gladius, I’ve made the model and am in the process of texturing, but I’d like the blade to be very reflective and shiny, and as I’m only beginner-intermediate level with materials, could anyone tell me how I’d achieve the most reflective and shiny ‘steel-ish’ material, also, does anybody know how I would achieve a good bloom effect? This would go well with the bright reflectiveness of the sword.

Thanks for any feedback, and any help would be greatly appreciated!
I will post pictures and updates on my progress as it happens.