Roman remains

Hello Blender people,
here is my first post to this gallery.
This an unsuccessful proposal from a comissioned archviz for a museum in France.
A bunch of Sketchfab downloadable remains scans in this scene.
Comments and critics warmly welcomed.
Cycles 128 samples + denoising + a little postpro in Photoshop


By the way,
why blender compositor is so slow?

I liked the light…
About Blender compositor, i dont know, but the Blender team is working on improvments to make the compositor faster.

Thanks Douglas,
coming from Vray, I miss proper realtime postrpro and easy passes saving.
Despite this, Blender is da bomb!

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Yes. I work in a studio that uses Corona renderer, but I have been using blender since 2012.
The way we can save passes in Blender is really weird, but there are interesting things if you create your own node presets, but I think that soon will improve too.
With the arrival of Cycles X, I believe that a lot will improve talking about rederization.
Regarding the post-production in realtime, I believe that we will also have improvements soon, as I read the other day somewhere about it.
It’s nice to accompany Devtalks to find out what’s coming.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!