Romulan Bird of Prey, reimagined


Trek fans, remember the Romulan ship from the original series?

With all due respect, I never liked it :D… well, the green one on the bottom ain’t that bad; it’s the redesign they did for the now defunct Enterprise; it’s supposed to be the 22nd century version. So how did we get from point A, green and organic, to B, straight, flat and minimalistic?

The wonders of retconning.

Well, for no better reasons than thinking it’d be fun as an exercise, I decided to try my hand at redesigning the 23rd century ship. I started thinking of softening the transition a bit (including getting to the 24th century model, a few features of which I try to hint). Of course I allowed myself some artistic freedom.

Here is the initial piece, after four days of spending some free time on it. I know the flap that comes out from the side and connects to the wing sucks, I’m already considering replacing it. Some of the angles still look wrong, it’s obviously unfinished in several places… in short, it’s far from over. If I’m gonna ask for C&C, I better start now.

The eagle design was made in Inkscape, which, like Blender, is free software that rocks.

Awesome ! I love the combination of design elements you’ve used. The front view is especially good - it actually looks like a bird of prey, not a circular things with wings. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only major thing I think is wrong is the very angular shape of the wings, but I’m pretty sure you know about that already. :wink:

What kind of loon would cancel Enterprise and let Voyager run for 7 seasons ? %|

CubOfJudahsLion, that’s truly amazing work. Can you give some insight as to how you made the spaceship? Did you model it from a cube?

And the inskscape work, that is awesome, I never knew inkscape was so good. I’ll have to give inkscape a closer look.

i think it looks way bettter than that actuall models on Star Trek! i think that the wings should be bent backwards rarther than forwards but it would look cool either way.

thank you rhysy for agreeing with me. my mate who is also a trekie loves voyager and thinks enterprise was a waste of TV time. iv tryed showing him some of the worst voyager episodes but he is adamant that voyager is amazingly cool!! how stupid can you be?

Okay, looking good so far. How about some weaponry, there isn’t any apparent


Wow. Thanks for the positive comments, guys.

@Rhysy: yerright, I’ll subdivide the wings later on.

@Ozo: To be honest, I had lots of help from the software. The Blender/Wings3D combination rocks. You know those ships have lots of surface details so you want something that lets you bevel, carve and groove, subdivide selectively, and add the required geometry on its own. Saves time, but man, this thing still demands patience.

@midgetmike: now I’m gonna have trouble not letting that go to my head :smiley: . Seriously, thanks dude. And I agree with you and Rhysy about Voyager and Enterprise. I had fun watching Enterprise, whereas Voyager often made me yawn. But the quantum slipstream drive had to come from somewhere… obvious Andromeda implications aside, what do you guys think of the slipstream? Can this be the element that takes Trek to the next level? Hopefully not so far from the 40th anniversary?

I think Paramount’s trying to leave Berman out of the loop.

@xrqlz: the three shafts on front were supposed to be a replacement for the plasma cannon (I removed them because they look simply awful.) The original design looks lika a RCA connector. I’ll try to add some weapons later… maybe something more subtle, as it tends to be in Trek.

i only had fun watching the 1st series, the 2nd wasnt bad but the 3rd n 4th absolutly sucked @ss. they were up there with voyager. the thing is some of the voyager episodes werent that bad.

as for the future i think star trek has had its day and they should let it be. the slipstream drive wasnt too bad of an idea but i seriously think that star trek should be left to re-runs. the originall series and TNG, and maybe some of DS9 should be star trek, and thats it.

sorry for going off topic, cant wait to see progress. i would model sum star trek stuff is i could be bothered.

Hey man,

That’s a great start on the ship, good job!!! I wish I could see more Star Trek fan art, I’ve done a bit meself 'cuz im huge ST fan.
I look forward to seeing you finish this, will be checking back on this thread so please post updates!!! :slight_smile:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

i only had fun watching the 1st series, the 2nd wasnt bad but the 3rd n 4th absolutly sucked @ss.

What, of Enterprise !? I thought it just kept getting better and better. I loved that series about the Xindi plot to destroy Earth. Infinitely more creative than Voyager, which, as time went on, got cheesier and cheesier. That said, Voyager did good Borg episodes, and the Holographic Doctor was a stroke of genius.

The slipstream thing… well, just seems like a faster way to travel. Can’t see anything really new in it, nothing that would make Trek significantly different.

as for the future i think star trek has had its day and they should let it be.

Although I haven’t seen the final yet, I think Enterprise should be ressurected for another 3 seasons, to bring it to the standard 7. The writers seemed to be on top form with that one. Then I’d let it rest for a while (say 5 years) so that people start to want more Trek again. Perhaps future series could cover the Enterprise B and C. I wouldn’t want them to go further into the future unless they can come up with some exciting new technology and not just faster ships, more powerful weapons etc. Or unless they’ve got better actors than Voyager.

im sorry Rhysy but the Xindi plot got so stupid towards the end that it tested my resolve as to wether or not give up on star trek.

ill admit that the start was good were thy went around hunting the Xindi but it just got silly and turned into one big metaphor for America. i meen aliens attack so starfleet go in balls first and hunt the Xindi. COUGH IRAQ COUGH

i think that series killed off everything that Star Tre stood for. it wasnt about killing aliens it was about eploring strange new lands and new civilisations. to boldly go where no-one has gone before.

and when you see the final episode of Enterprise you’ll know why it wont be brought back. lets just say that theres a character in there that is a last attempt to save at least some dignity.