Ron Moore Interview

This is an interview with Ron Moore, visual effects supervisor for Star Trek: Enterprise… the show is really turning out some mindblowing effects, CG models and sets. Also talks about some cool scanning equipent called “Eyetronics”…, but bla bla anwayz… :wink:

STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE visual effects supervisor Ronald B. Moore talks in a new interview at Digital Animators about the technology behind such computer-generated sequences as the lost civilization glimpsed in this season’s “Extinction.”

Here is the link…


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Hmmmm, come on people, Ron Moore… the guy who is re-making Battlestar Galactica right now…

No one is interested?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Thanks for the link Matt. Great stuff.

I’m sure a lot of us read the interview, but we were so lost in our day-dreams of affordable over-the-shelf 3D scanning digital cameras with texture capture, that we forgot to reply to this post. :wink:

I’m waiting for some kind soul to come out of nowhere and write a Python script which does exactly this with shots from a regular digital camera … hey, stranger things have happened. It’s just a matter of someone coming up with a simple revolutionary way of looking at the scanning process. For example take a look at this beauty:

The great thing is, there are a couple of implementations of this scanning system linked on the page, and the source-code is available. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to convert this into Blender’s Python API … any philanthropic Python coders out there ? %|