Ronchy Movement!!!

See how the arms move!? I only I got constraints on the wrists then animated with that… Then I had to go back and fix and the twitches in the leg and no the arms are the same way… Its very time consuming anyone know a better why then going back and rotating the twitches?

What was the rest position like?

A relaxed half bent rest position will always animate better than a stiff one.


rest position:

is that a bad rest position then?

Yes, it is. With such a rest position, the bone chains are stiff with no predisposed bends. The IK calculator has more trouble figuring out how to bend the articulations that way.


also, shoulder deformation, I mean vertices, get better deform if set in a mid position. Like 45º lower .(instead of those 90º) Worse for uv mapping in certain packages. But better for rigging and animation.

Most usual poses are close to arms hanging down.So that 45º pose would make it closer to the pose which is going to be more usual.

my 2 cents

thanks for the tips Ill take it in consideration with my other models

BTW, I like the model :slight_smile: …which is for a game?

Is there an easy way to make cloth deform with the model and not have the model poke through? Every time I try to move my armatures, especially the shoulder and the legs, the skin pokes through the cloth. Any tuts on character annimation and clothing?

it should be tweaking vertices weights in that area more carefully… (I mean, selecting in that area only cloth vertex (not human skin bellow) and tweak them… so they perform different to shoulder skin, and as you wish, a lot of weights tweak, and trial and error rotating bones, is how it works for me…)

or/and adding some extra floating bones, which could have some well thought constrains, related with the skeleton bones, with a percentage of influence of constrain.

That’s how I’d do it in the other 2 animation sofwares I have used, max and cfx. But in Blender it could be very different.

Anyway, I’m a newbie in Blender, don’t take my advices seriously…