Ronin (Clay Model)

A Clay Model of an enemy which will be in Legacy of Taro.

shouldn’t you post that in the traditional forum?

Yeah…but no one ever looks at that forum…Besides, it IS a finished project…

No wonder no one ever looks in that forum…

What is that supposed to mean?! SATAN?! Lol, look at your post rank. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he means that it sucks

Great work lemmy. Looks like a photorealistic scene of a clay Ronin infront of a TV set. :smiley:

I like the “shoulder pads”, hammer and map - nice touches, although I couldn’t make out a belt for them to hang off. You intending to animate Mr Ronin?

No, he’s already baked.

nice shogun.
i’d rather see it in blender :confused:

I’m Going to make it in blender later.

you should hit subsurf on the hat…wait, its a clay model…lol

but it looks really cool, and i have played the game LOT, and it is pretty awesome, too.

if it even gets good enough, you should send it into

LOL, damn that I missed taking a screenshot. :slight_smile:

I either meant :

  • it’s because of sucky works like this noone ever visits the traditional forum

or :

  • that if you post your work in traditional forum, it will have more visitors because of the greatness of your work.

Choose yourself! ;):P:D

heh…right… :smiley: