Ronin course - concept

Hi, I would like to share some WIP from stuff that I’am working on.
I try to polish my technical skills with course from awesome Pierrick PICAUT.
I decided to change his oryginal Ronin design to make this more interesting and challenging
( No disrispect for Pierrick of course :stuck_out_tongue: I love his design but I have different stylistic taste:))
This is almost finished high poly model, everything sculpted and modeled from scratch in Blender.
What do you think about design and overall model quality ?


Awesome work!!

Thank you! glad to hear that :slight_smile:

How did you do that detail on to the armor bits? Blender doesn’t nave nanomesh or anything like it in zbrush. So how did you managed that detail?

I made this using displacement modifier with some alphas.

This is incredible work!

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Thanks! I hope to pushit further with some more details and materials .

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I bet it’ll look great

wow this looks so good

Thank you: )