Ronny Fanart (Deponia Doomsday)

Dear forum members,

after many setbacks, 2020 hasn’t been a good year to me, finally I found in the past few days the motivation for getting further into blender. I started a new project which is a more organic model like my previous projects here and at work. Since I’m replaying the adventure series of Deponia, I decided to model my most favorite character of all videogames and render it in EEVEE. Ronny the sadistic flower AI which wants to torture everyone for FUN!

After working on it for about 3 days, I finally decided to publish it.

Thanks in advance for opinions and advices.

With best regards



That’s cool man.but you double post it… better considering it as finished and cotinue this one with your creation steps. And delete the wipes post. :slight_smile:

I can’t delete the work in process topic. But the admins are informed that they could delete it :slight_smile:

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