Roof drink

Hi guys!

Been a bit busy so it’s been a while! However yesterday I had to take a break from projects, so I did this. Took heavy inspiration from a famous image by Bertrand Benoit. Of course I don’t think I got there, but I tried to learn something in the process! :slight_smile: All blender and cycles.

Hope you like!

Updated with one more image… worked on lighting and the shader of the little boxes in the bg… didn’t like that. Now back to work :smiley:


It’s hard to pull off this realism in renders and you did quite a good job at it. :slight_smile:

Thank you Reynante! Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

Ok, nice photos, where are renders ? :smiley:
For me it is done perfectly :slight_smile: Mood, light, textures, whole scene is really great.


Thank you tjindy! I can post a wire if you want! :smiley:

Yes, agree with others that it is well-done indeed. Great use of textures, roughness variations, etc. Makes a convincing piece.

yeah, thanks for making me feel small ;).

Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

@S-Markt, come on, I feel small too every day watching a lot of the works out there :smiley:

Wires? No, but small tutorial how you did that, would be great :wink:

Perfect modeling, shading and lighting… What else can I ask for? :wink: Perfect!!!

I love the detailing on the glasses and would kiss your boots if you would say how you approached that. Great render. I like the top image best I think.

The detail on the glass is superb. Really beautiful scene!

Oh, wow, reminds of hyperrealistic paintings a lot! Great job!

Thank you everyone! I am really glad you liked the work!

I will try to do a tutorial… but I never did it before, so it could take some time! :slight_smile: