Roof Issues (Distance from the house (different angles of the roof)

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How can I make the roof be/end at the same distance from the house, tried snapping to a vertex/edge that was located 1 meter away (by selecting an edge and using it as a Transform Orientation) from the house at each side but that din’t help

Could anyone help?

Here is what you can do:

  1. Select both edges > S > Z > 0 (This brings both edges to same height)
  2. G > Z > Ctrl +LMB to a vertex (This moves both edges and snaps to selected vertex along Z axis)
  3. G > Z > 1 > Enter (This moves edges +1 meter (or unit you set) along Z axis)


When you enter one of the transform tools (move, scale, rotate), options appear at the status bar below.

And keep an eye on what you type at top left.

Could anyone help me with this

How can put a vertex on that face? (not the selected one) is there a way for me to grab a vertex of the selected face and move it along the Y to that big face and stop at that face?

In this case I don’t know a good way of snapping it properly. But instead you can do this:

  1. Select intersecting faces and search for Intersect (Knife) operation.
  2. Delete parts you don’t need and clean loose vertices if there is any.


Make sure you select these right after you choose intersect operation (see bottom left of viewport):


Also check this addon for more advanced snapping options:

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