Roof Stairs

I am still looking for less noise, better wood texture and more realistic LED-Spot-Light, any help please??
And should i place an object on the top right sunroom floor?

um I don’t know, but have you looked at getting Glebs lighting hacks tutorial? He speaks of making an image texture and putting the reflections in an image texture instead of actually having to render it. I bet that would save you lots of time right there.

Hi deckchair,

in my opinion the camera angle is not well chosen. 2/3 of that image is a white wall with a built in handrail. You should put more details to it. The height of the stairs doe not seem to be correct.
What I learned when designing Levels. Avoid having too wide areas with the same texture. Put things in it to make it more interesting.

cu faceless

It has a good look. The image quality is fine.

But the camera position is too odd.

I have no idea how that staircase works. It looks very steep and the landing looks wrong.